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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 26, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> you can see right away the fountain at the governor's mansion. governor schaefer and longtime friend hilda may snoops, like most of his projects it caught a lot of flack. once it was done a lot of people liked it. traveling from annapolis to ocean city was greatly improved by schaefer with his reach the beach project. >> i can remember as a kid going to ocean city every summer. and the backups that would take place on route 50 from annapolis all the way down. it would take hours to get there. >> governor schaefer had a lot to do with the transformation of the corridor from the western shore to the eastern shore. >> reporter: schaefer made a lasting impression in annapolis, nowhere more than right here. where a sandwich named after the former governor is still a
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fan favorite. >> the most popular one. >> being here, it was an honor to have him here. >> reporter: the owner beth leavitt says when he was here the whole place lit up. >> he had so much personality. he told it like it was. i just loved that about him. >> reporter: this was his favorite table with his favorite sandwich. the last seven governors who sat here but as they tell me nobody was like governor schaefer. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> he was in annapolis yesterday and now for the entire day william donald schaefer will lie in state at city hall. people are stopping by to say final goodbyes, have been since 9:00 this morning. his body arrived yesterday after a tour through baltimore. you can imagine the traffic tie-ups that final tour causes across the city.
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round two comes tomorrow with the funeral. after a day of public viewing at city hall today schaefer's funeral will be held tomorrow morning at old st. paul's church. his burial will follow at dulaney valley memorial gardens and this is going to make major delays on the commute. look at this. fayette street will be closed between gay and north charles from 10:15 to 10:45. north charles between fayette and mulberry and saratoga between liberty and charles. both closed from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. the parking garage in the area will also be affected by the closures and changes. abc2 news will are airing the funeral of william donald schaefer live tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we're also going to be streaming the mass and departure from old st. paul's church to dulaney valley memorial gardens live on our web site at "the view" and "people's court" will air on our digital subchannel, 2.3 or comcast 204 and fios at 463. the city and state continue
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to remember an icon. you can always get the latest information and complete coverage of the life and legacy of william donald schaefer right here on our web site, if you're out and about today, a bit windy but otherwise a beautiful day. downtown and inner harbor here, two days in a row. the big question everybody wants to know, can we make to it three? wyett joins us with the first forecast. no pressure, wyett. >> i think it's a good three coming our way tomorrow. back in the low to mid-80s. more sunshine early, clouds in the afternoon. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, this afternoon, looking good out there. just not much action in the immediate area. at least there is a little bit going on well west. nudging in to garrett county out toward accident, extreme western edge of i-70 this way. but that's really about it. as we look at the temperatures, that's been the big story.
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warm, pleasant, weathernet sites statewide showing mid-80s, like ellicott city, parkton, back through centreville. and current temperatures not far from the highs in the low 80s. we fall through the 70s the rest of the evening, warm breezy weather is the store, i think again into the day tomorrow. we'll talk about when a fresh cold front arrives that will change the temperatures and maybe bring some storms, coming up. let's look at tonight's top stories. residents in five states are picking up the pieces after tornadoes and severe storms blew through the middle of the country. twisters carved a three-mile wide gash stretching about 50 miles just north of little rock, arkansas. it's blamed for at least nine deaths, dozens of folks still missing tonight. a 5-year-old boy in east baltimore is recovering from a vicious dog attack. it happened yesterday evening in the alley behind the 400 block of north montford avenue. khalil willis was playing behind his grandmother's house when a dog got loose from a
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cage and came through a hole in the fence. the owner says the dogs were not tied up properly and something needs to be done before someone else gets injured. we now know the identity of the man whose body was discovered in the susquehanna river four miles from the body of phylicia barnes. police say it's 53-year-old darryl harper from richmond, virginia. he was last seen on march 25th after a one-night stay at a pennsylvania hospital. where he sought help with mental health issues. police have not linked him to barnes' death so far. tonight, looks like owners are not willing to budge. even after a judge ruled the nfl lockout should be lifted. the problem is how to split the $9 billion in annual nfl revenue. the owners and players can agree on a new collective bargaining agreement which led to the owner imposed lockout for 35 days. nfl owners appealed the judge's ruling, and have asked for the lockout to be reinstated
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it's no surprise gas prices just continue to rise and rise and rise. higher prices are fueling anger across the country. it was another record high for april last week with the national average now at 3.88 a gallon, up 28 cents from the last month. >> it's a slap in the face. while you're wiping the blood off you're getting punched in the gut at the same time. >> it cost me about $3 last time. i still had a quarter tank left. >> outrageous? >> outrageous.
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>> a new abc news "washington post" poll says six out of 10 americans are cutting back on their driving. more and more drivers are running on empty. that is boosting the business of aaa and also boosting business for mechanics. facing fuel pumps that break when they run on air instead of gasoline. abc2 news is working for you. just head to our web site, if you click on traffic and then on gas prices there you can find a neat interactive map. you put in your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your area. that might be worth checking out. you want to share something with just a few friends on facebook? there's a new button for that. the social networking site unveils a new "send" button, kind of similar to the current "like" button. instead of sharing the story with everyone on the user's wall, it's sent privately to just one or a group of people you would like to read that information. facebook wants to combine the world's largest social
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network with one of the hottest business models. they are launching a deals program today in five u.s. cities, following on the popularity of groupon and some service that's offer deep discounts. for example, spend $20 to get a $40 gift card. facebook is hoping to create a product that the company says is social from the ground up. it begins testing in san diego, san francisco, atlanta, dallas, and hor. chances you chance have not seen a wedding quite like this. and in just a few another couple kicked off the dance floor. a look back at the highs and lows of last night's "dancing with the stars." it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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talking about severe weather now. a state of emergency declared after violent storms swept across the state. at least nine people were killed, some actually dying in cars swept away by floodwaters. looking at video from garland county in central arkansas which was really one of the areas hardest hit. trees were ripped from the ground and cars flipped over. the storms also knocked out electricity to about 67,000 people across the state. it's that time of year when we see those kinds of storms. >> you get large storm outbreaks every april, every may. people say the tornado count is up this year but we get hundreds every april and may.
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so that's sort of unwelcome annual ritual you have to go through when the seasons change. not here today. gorgeous weather in maryland. let's look outside and show you just how nice it is. if you have not been out get out there before sunset tonight. that won't be until nearly 8:00 by the way. 81 now out at bwi marshall. winds are southeast at 15. gusting closer to 30. so it's been a breezy one out there. no question about that. humidity relatively high. so it certainly has been hot air at times over the last 24 to 36 hours. it's relatively muggy. you feel that more at night when the winds die down. let's look at some of our hd weathernet cameras statewide. annapolis, blue skies early on. not much other than boat traffic out in annapolis now. nice-looking day on the severn. trees shaking in the winds today at towson. high pollen count, we'll show you in a second. gaithersburg, gorgeous weather down this way. this is high thin clouds rolling in but really a
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fantastic-looking day of weather. if you are an allergy sufferer, sensitive to tree or gas pollen, both categories very high this tuesday into wednesday. glass pollen. dominant are hickory, willow and ash. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, a little bit of action north of garrett county. just a scattered shower or two down toward deep creek lake. most of the state is clear. we've seen just a little bit of action further south, back down through montrose, just over the potomac, down into virginia. some of this could creep up into deep south maryland but i don't think we'll see much tonight. isolated activity. tomorrow, isolated to scattered at most. widespread action stormwise should not arrive until late wednesday into early thursday even. wind gusts, 20 in easton, 28 hagerstown. it's a warm southeast breeze with one exception. along the chesapeake bay, western shore, the bay water temperature, they are close to
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60 but in most parts of the bay, still water temperatures of 57, 58 degrees. that makes for a much cooler breeze along the bay. there's our line of scattered showers and storms. will they continue to creep eastward? probably a little bit. may get in places like cumberland, maybe even as far as hagerstown. it's going to be isolated activity. as it begins to move into maryland we'll lose the heating of the day, go past sunset. i don't think we'll see a lot out there tonight. chances go up tomorrow but the main boundary, focusing area for the storms still locked up north and west of us even tomorrow. so the futurecaster, action to the west tonight, fizzles out overnight. a scattered shower or storm tomorrow afternoon but most of the action still bottled up for the and west. comes through on thursday through the day. looks like a line of showers and thunderstorms. we'll watch that. 65 tonight. warm tomorrow, 84, but i think the chance of showers and storms holds off wednesday night into early thursday. then things cool down and very
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pleasant, beautiful weather friday, saturday, sunday. sunshine, low 70s. got to love it. >> thank you. week six of "dancing with the stars." last night we had a sprain, a fall and some of of the firsts of the season. george pennacchio shows us in our competitive evening. >> reporter: they got the season's first pan along with two 9s. tying for first place, the best score yet. >> i may buy her diamonds or something. i'm on top of the world. everybody on me now. >> reporter: chelsea and mark also got one 10 tonight, tying for first place, after mark sprained his ankle during dress rehearsal. >> that is awesome. especially because my only goal tonight was getting through the dance. to walk away with the 10 was
5:50 pm
great. >> reporter: a point windy them with -- behind them with 99s, kym johnson and gordon. >> i want to be in the top three. that's all i want. it's anybody's game in the top three. >> reporter: in fourth place with 26 points, kirstie and maxum. judges were impressed, then some. >> the wiggly bum sent shock waves through the airwaves! [ cheering and applause ] >> you worked on the wiggle. >> bigger, bigger, bigger. bigger? >> reporter: in fifth place kendra will kenson was busy shaking up a samba that got her 25 points, her best score yet. >> i shook my way out of my shell. >> we're not at the bottom. >> i'm so happy about that. >> reporter: ralph and karina ended up in sixth place, she
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fell hard after stepping on ralph coat and slipping. >> it was a great number. it's live theater. all i cared is that she was ok. then it was showtime. >> reporter: with 22 points for the tango chris jericho found himself at the bottom of the leaderboard for the first time. >> we did the best we could do on this night at this time. people will respond by either agreeing with us or saying we know you can do better or saying they want us off the show. if that's the case, thanks a lot and see you later, dude. >> reporter: who is going home? we'll find out in the results show tonight on abc. george pennacchio for abc news. >> that's 9:00 here on abc2. a name we have not heard in a while, bristol palin's former boyfriend levi johnston putting out a book this fall. he says the book will set the record straight about his relationship with the family. johnston is the father of bristol's baby. the pregnancy became public
5:52 pm
during sarah palin's 2008 vice presidential run. johnston and bristol got engaged but broke up. the bookings deer in the highlights," it's a coming of age story. coming up -- you still have a little over three hours to get down to city hall. people all over the state continue to say their goodbyes to our local hero, william donald schaefer. this is a live shot now in the rotunda. and the gift of life. one man gets a second chance thanks to the generosity of a stranger. that and more at 6:00. ú
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the excitement and joy of the royal wedding is really considered serious business by security and staff. their job is not only to protect the bride and groom but all the well wishers as they move into action. here's diana alvear with the latest. >> reporter: the message from scotland yard was clear. >> any criminals attempting to disrupt it, either in regards of protest or otherwise will be met by a robust proportionate policing response. >> reporter: while they say there was no specific threat at this time authorities mobilized 5,000 police officers to patrol the streets. they are also enlisting the eyes and ears of the 1 million visitors expected by friday. >> we need you to be our eyes and ears. if you see anyone in the crowd that is acting suspiciously please bring it to the earliest attention of our officers. >> reporter: police are
5:57 pm
planning to close some roads as well as subway stops closer to the procession route. all part of what they are calling their ring of steel, the plan to keep this crowded city safe and secure. and the first of thousands of already claiming coveted spots along the procession route. they are finding all sorts of ways to wile away the time including giving interviews. >> we'll know where everybody where is. >> reporter: if it's believed to be as popular as it's expected to be, they won't be alone for long. abc news, london. even toymakers have royal wedding fever. lego is getting in on the action with a tribute to prince william and kate middleton. the replica of westminster abbey includes more than 180,000 lego bricks and 400 lego figurines. the model took eight weeks to construct and will be unveiled
5:58 pm
at the british museum on thursday. check this out. just in at our web site at, the royal couple gets an etch-a-sketch. you can see all the different pictures. this is pretty cool. a cleveland artist, george walsh, used his child's toy to create an incredible work of art. it took more than 80 hours to complete. once it's done the sand must carefully be removed from the back of the etch-a-sketch to save the image. the artist said he would love to have the opportunity to present it to prince william and kate. check out the step by step process of the etch-a-sketch by going to if you click through the different pages you can see it starts here and come all the way through -- you see this portion here with all the area filled in. check it out at right now you'll find it on the home page. women in wisconsin don't
5:59 pm
get invited to the royal wedding but she got quite a memento. jackie christianson sent prince william and kate middleton a card congratulating them on the upcoming nuptials. a few weeks later she actually received a note from prince william's office. jackie says she'll be up bright and early friday morning to watch the wedding. you can catch all the goings on from london starting 4:00 a.m. on abc2. you will not see "good morning maryland" on abc2 that morning with -- but you can see it on our digital subchannel. over the air, channel 2.3 and channel 463 on verizon and live on our web site, don't get too used to the sun. april showers still in effect. wyett has a look at the mid-week forecast on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now.


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